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24 Hour Security Service 301.717.4118

Quality Assurance

We are committed to providing security and prevention services that maintain the safety, integrity, and reliability of your property. We follow the model that our founder Frank Wesley established, which outlines our pledge to consistently meet and exceed your expectations. Our professionals are on the pulse of the security industry. This means that we are actively engaged in developing innovative solutions to respond to the ever-changing risks associated with threats to security.

The Security Unlimited, Inc. team consists of quality professionals who have extensive training and experience, including active duty, sworn police, military personnel, and trained security officers. This gives them the expertise to thoroughly assess your exposure to crime and emergency preparedness. From that, we are able to set goals that will make your property and events much more secure. We take an active approach to safety with our belief that prevention is a better strategy than response.

Addressing your needs is our priority. As a property manager, business owner, or event coordinator, we understand that you have a responsibility to keep people safe by providing them with an environment that allows them to work, play, and live freely. That’s where we come in — providing you with the tools and resources that create fully guarded public and private spaces.

Our Process

Assessment- Our trained security officers have the education, expertise, and experience to identify areas of vulnerability. They are then able to create plans of action that allow them to direct their efforts toward creating an environment that is thoroughly guarded against threats of all types.

Customer Service- Our officers aren’t just guards that show up and leave at the end of their shifts. We make it a priority to develop relationships with our clients that allows us to share and address your concerns.

Quality Performance- What sets Security Unlimited apart from other security firms is our attention to detail and commitment to providing personalized and comprehensive service. With high-quality service based on rigorous standards, you’ll benefit from full access to our elite officers.

With Security Unlimited at the door, you’ll experience unmatched peace of mind and quality. Contact us today at 301-717-4118.