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Unarmed & Armed Security Officers

Each scenario that requires security services comes with its own unique set of circumstances. With that in mind, Security Unlimited, Inc. provides unarmed and armed security guards so that you’ll have the appropriate and most relevant type of security services for your needs. Unarmed guards provide security services for low-risk venues, events, and situations. They primarily act as deterrents of potential threats. Armed guards provide security services for higher-risk scenarios and are trained to respond to more critical threats.

Marked & Unmarked Patrol

Marked and unmarked patrol service provides straightforward and inconspicuous protection services, respectively. Officers will use marked vehicles to provide roving patrol security service to deter potential threats in your area. Unmarked vehicles play an important role in apprehending thieves or trespassers before they get the chance to get away.

Stadium & Event Security

Events that see a high number in attendance are incredibly vulnerable to a wide variety of security threats. You want to ensure that everyone remains safe and secure throughout the duration of the events. You also have to ensure that authorized personnel have access to restricted areas while allowing other guests and attendees the appropriate access to their seats. Event Security Service also minimizes security threats that include trespassing, vandalism, intrusions, and other forms of physical attacks.

Educational Facilities

There is no type of facility off limits to potential security threats, and that includes educational facilities. Educational Facilities Security Service gives pupils, teachers, and administrators the ability to focus their time and efforts toward education. Your passion is in the pursuit of knowledge and ours ensures that everyone who occupies the halls and classrooms of your educational facility has the freedom to do just that.

Crowd, Parking & Traffic Control

One of the most vulnerable scenarios security professionals face are situations that involve an abundance of people in one location. These situations require appropriate organization and procedure to minimize any threats to security and to maintain peace and decorum. This includes traffic control security service, crowd control, and traffic and parking control security. Our officers are equipped to employ the right protocol to sustain a safe and orderly environment for your event.

Corporate, Commercial & Public Safety

Corporate and commercial facilities are often homes to sensitive, essential, and even confidential materials. It’s necessary that these facilities be protected from burglaries and attacks with corporate security service and office security service; not just for the investments but for the many professionals and guests that frequently visit and work in these buildings. Ensuring the safety of the public is a matter of prevention and determent combined with first-rate responses. Our public safety security services help maintain a professional environment that is both protected and assured.

Residential Security

Everyone wants to feel safe as they travel throughout the day, but it’s a fundamental need to feel safe and secure at home. In the United States, an average of two million home burglaries are reported every year. That accounts for a lot of people and families who have had to go through the process of feeling violated while figuring out how to pick up the pieces after being invaded. Residential security service puts trained officers in place to not only deter potential crimes but quickly respond to any immediate and present threats.

Healthcare Facilities Security

Healthcare facilities security protects some of the most vulnerable people — those who are sick and those who are caring for them. Healthcare facilities require a high level of privacy and security to protect the confidentiality of patients and the equipment and medication that healthcare professionals use to treat them.

Retail Security

Entrepreneurs and business owners have the responsibility to protect their assets and inventory. It’s essential to maintaining their own livelihood and allows them to continue to provide the quality goods and services that their customers have come to expect. With that said, shopping center security service and retail site security service are both necessary to create an environment that is safe, well protected, and secure for employees and customers alike.

Building & Construction Site Security

Building and construction sites are often left vulnerable to the theft and vandalism of important and expensive materials. Because these buildings and structures are under construction, many components of the project must be left on site throughout the day and overnight, often exposed to the public. Industrial site security and construction site security service allows construction workers and project managers the ability to complete building and construction projects within the assigned schedule and without having to replace stolen or vandalized materials.

Fire Watch Security

Fire watch security service monitors your property for any and all potential fire hazards on the premises. This service includes a thorough walkthrough of the property so that the trained guards will gain a full understanding of all areas where potential fire hazards live. Fire watch security is all about prevention but in cases of emergency, these officers are also trained to facilitate safe evacuations.

HOA & Community Safety

HOA Neighborhood Patrol Security is a service suitable for communities like apartment complexes, condominiums, and even cul-de-sacs. It’s a common desire among neighborhood residents to maintain the safety and appeal of the community, guarding it against burglaries, vandalism, and other forms of disorder. Trained security guards not only deter would-be lawbreakers, but their training and experience allow them to spot suspicious and potentially dangerous situations before they get the chance to escalate.